Special Edition

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Burners Cigar Co. is proud to be one of the select retailers chosen to carry the limited Special Edition series. This 95 rated medium bodied cigar is perfectly balanced with complexity and strength but remains incredibly smooth throughout the entire burn.
The Special Edition is an in-store exclusive and is not available for purchase online. To find out more call us at 704-892-5112.
Special Edition
Robusto- 5½ x 50
(box pressed)
Toro- 6½ x 52
(box pressed)
Sixty- 6 x 60
Cigar & Spirits Top 20 Cigars of the Year
~ #1 in 2018

Cigar Snob Top 25 Cigars of the Year
~ #9 in 2016

95 Rating ~ Cigar & Spirits

93 Rating ~ Cigar Snob

92 Rating ~ Cigar Aficionado
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